Shaped Wire Products - Wedge Wire

Wedge Wire on SpoolMcDowall Engineering has been producing stainless steel wedge wire for the use in the wedge wire industry for over 20 years. Owner Bill Walsh, together with his dedicated team of professionals, have combined, over 70+ years experience in the stainless steel wedge wire industry. This extensive experience and knowledge allows us to produce shaped wire products of all sizes and profiles to service your needs. McDowall Engineering also has extensive experience in the manufacturing of wire shaping, rolling and welding equipment for the welded wedge wire screen industry, as well as wire equipment for many other applications.

Wire Specifications:

Wire alloys frequently shaped include A.I.S.I 304, 316 & 316L. Other wires processed include monel & everdur (cusilman bronze) as well as mild steel manufacturer’s wire. Size range of entry rounds able to be processed are from 0.9mm to 8.5mm Diameters.

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Wire Processing Equipment:

McDowall Engineering's Wire Shop

Wire Processing Machine